“The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change”

Carl Rogers


Counselling is a talking therapy. There are many different approaches and theories. However, I practice the Person Centred approach. The Person Centred approach was developed by Carl Rogers who believed that every person can find their own answers within if given the right conditions.

Steps - Julia Savage Counselling Margate
Flowers - Julia Savage - Counselling Margate

“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”


As children we learn quickly that in order for us to be accepted and loved we need to reject or deny qualities that we sense are unacceptable by our caregivers. This often continues into adulthood and we may find it hard to trust ourselves, look to others for validation and approval. Perhaps we feel like we are not fulfilling our potential or being authentic to ourselves. If you have experienced trauma and/or abuse it is likely that you have disconnected from your feelings and perhaps your body in order to survive. Sometimes these painful memories can manifest as illness, nightmares, panic attacks, obsessive thoughts or you may feel numb and/or cut off from your feelings. Counselling provides a warm, safe space where you can bring anything you want without any judgement. All feelings and thoughts are welcome into the counselling space. The relationship between counsellor and client is equal, except I have a responsibility as a counsellor to keep you safe, and everything in the session will be confidential (details to be discussed in the first session). When you have the space for you to be heard, acknowledged, respected and a safe relationship for you to explore feelings without any judgement you can begin to work through difficult experiences, undo the conditions of the past and feel empowered. Therapy is not an easy journey, but I will walk with you side by side as you embark on it with you leading the pace.
Counselling is not an advice service and I am not an expert. I cannot provide you with the answers. But through my unconditional acceptance of you as an individual you can begin to access your own inner resources, giving you freedom and awareness to find your own answers, trust yourself and live a life authentic to you!